It's ironic that sometimes real-life relationships don't translate well to the screen; it's unfortunate that sometimes action movies wind up pretty boring. Both of these problems plague Hit and Run, an action-comedy that's not exciting or funny -- or romantic, despite the leads being involved in real life.

In a small town, Charlie Bronson (Dax Shepard) seems content hanging around and dating Annie Bean (Kristen Bell). When she gets a unique opportunity to teach her specialty in L.A. 500 miles away, Charlie insists she go for it and drives her there. Unfortunately, Charlie is in the witness protection program (something universally known where he lives), and leaving creates problems.

Inept U.S. marshall Randy Anderson (Tom Arnold) keeps following Charlie to keep him self, even as Randy keeps having accidents with his car and gun. Gil (Michael Rosenbaum), Annie's ex-boyfriend, is convinved that Charlie will kill her so he pursues the two of them. Worse, he alerts Alex Dimitri (Bradley Cooper, sporting dreadlocks and yellow shades), the crook who went to jail because of Charlie's testimony. There's also gay cop Terry (Jess Rowland), Gil's brother, and his partner Angela (Carly Hatter) in the mix. So it's a madcap chase, as everyone seems to pursue Charlie and Annie as they speed along in one car after another.

Alas, "madcap" is giving Hit and Run far too much credit. While there's supposed to be humor and discovery in the relationship between Charlie and Annie (she knows nothing about his life before they dated; he's always fighting and stealing), the two actors are surprisingly dull. Most of the actors seem unilvolved with the action (with the exception of Kristin Chenoweth as a foul-mouthed, pill-popping college administrator), and there's little humor (despite the attempts at jokes) or excitement (despite numerous car chases). There's also no explanation given for the title. Hit and Run is a dud.

Overall grade: D

Reviewed by James Lynch

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