Jones Beach Airshow 2011

I was a little disappointed this year that neither the Navy's Blue Angels, nor the Air Force's Thunderbirds made it to the 2011 Jones Beach Airshow. I decided to try something a little different this year, and rather than head to the beach, I headed to Republic Airport where most of the planes takeoff from. I was able to see several of the performing planes.

The upper two pics are of "FiFi," the world's last flying B-29 "Superfortress." You could actually feel the ground shake and smell the aviation fuel on takeoff.

Next down is a biplane. The fourth down is the FA-18 "Superhornet" that they sent after the F-22 had some issue that grounded it. This is the plane that the Blue Angels fly in.

The last pic is the A10 "Warthog." It also goes by the name "Thunderbolt," "Flying Gun" and "Tankbuster." I can tell you that it was over my head before I got the camera out, and this is aircraft, which is designed to fly low and support ground troop operations, is one serious piece of hardware, with the sound to match.


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