Surely in these difficult times, we can all find solace in the insane antics of some often evil, usually funny stick figures. Or not. Anyway, Cyanide & Happiness: Ice Cream and Sadness is the second collection of web strips from www.explosm.net .

Much like the first collection, Ice Cream and Sadness gathers together the twisted comedy of Kris, Rob, Matt, and Dave. Just about nothing is off-limits here: dating, pets (horny, dead, and mutilated), Cyanide & Happiness ("You call this art? It's just colored rectangles and circles"), birth ("Umbilical chords" -- eew), death (so much death here...), Jesus ("Extreme Sports Christ!"), technology, sexual innuendo, superheroes, insanity, perversion... the list goes on and on. Most are stand-alone strips, and most are funny.
Ice Cream and Sadness also brings new material, for those who follow this comic online. There are 30 new strips here. In addition, there are Interactivities ("Bust a thinking cap in your ass") that range from Word Scrambles ("buttsxe") to Color by Number to Connect the Dots -- which all wind up in a dark place.

Cyanide & Happiness doesn't really grow or evolve, and the material in Ice Cream and Sadness is about the same quality as the first collection. So while it's often juvenile, you'll still laugh. A lot.

Overall grade: B
Reviewed by James Lynch

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