When MTV introduced the music video to the world, there was a time when every artist had a video for their songs and Tower Records (now gone) had a whole wall of videocassettes (a format now gone) of music video collections. With the so-called "music" channels focusing more and more on reality tv shows, music videos don't get much attention and either get a dvd release on an artist's greatest hits collection or never get released. So it was a nice surprise that when Beyonce released her album B'Day she also released B'Day Anthology Video Album, a dvd with videos for all the songs on the album, plus bonus songs.

B'Day is largely a celebratory party album, and this video collection reflects that spirit. Beyonce has no problems showing off either her dance moves or her body, whether she's singing and dancing next to Shakira ("Beautiful Liar"), strutting her stuff at a party ("Get Me Bodied"), living the high life ("Upgrade U") or wearing numerous rubber outfits ("Green Light"). Even slower songs like the new-man anthem "Irreplacable" find Beyonce getting her groove on.

B'Day Anthology Video Album is a nice little return to when the music video could be a fun part of music. Beyonce has a lot of talents, and she uses the video format to make the most of them all.

Overall grade: B+
Reviewed by James Lynch

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