FETISH by David Bramwell

Ah, the fetish: so much variety, so many forms of expression, such possibilities. David Bramwell's book Fetish is a tour guide to the world of kink -- both what is out there and how to practice it.

Following a brief discussion of what a fetish is (taking only a positive view and igonring any possibility that they could be a problem), Fetish quickly jumps into both information and guidelines. There are definitions and terminology (pygophilia certainly has a pop culture appeal); movies, books, art, and fiction; and references for more information.

Then there's how to enjoy them. Fetish gives lots of guidelines, advice, and occasional preferences for types of fetishes, popular role -playing scenarios, gear and items for use, and the importance of setting. There are numerous illustrations, both drawings and photographs.

This book has some flaws. Fetish says one section is on page 120 when it doesn't appear in the book. Every photo of a person has them with a tattoo, piercing, or both, instead of presenting the less-adorned practicioners. And their breakdown of the acronym "bdsm" left out the middle part. (If you're wondering, it's a combination of bondage and disciplie, dominance and submission, and sado-masochism. You're welcome.)

Fetish does provide a nice overview of the more popular areas of the fetish. Bramwell writes with both enthusiasm and practicality, encouraging people while also letting them know of costs and potential risks. For the beginner looking to learn about the fetish -- out of curiosity or to practice -- Fetish is a good place to start. Just look for the book with the rubber cover!

Overall grade: B

Reviewed by James Lynch

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