Peter David is a great many things -- comic book writer, novelist, bowler, husband and father, friend of (and co-speaker with) Harlan Ellison, movie fan, punster -- and he has chronicled many of his thoughts and adventures in his column "But I Digress" in Comic Buyer's Guide. More Digressions is the second collection of the "BID" columns (the first was printed 15 years ago), and it collects many of his essays from 2001 to 2009.

The essays in More Digressions are grouped together by chapters, each of which pursues a theme: comic books, freedom of speech, the love-hate relationship Peter David has with his fans, etc. Each chapter has a few opening thoughts on what follows, and a few essays get a historical note when appropriate. The incomparable Harlan Ellison introduces this book in Ellison's typical unique fashion.

I've seen many of the columns in More Digressions before -- in CBG or on Peter David's website -- and it's a pleasure to have them together for rereading. Even when I disagree with him, which isn't often, he makes his points with passion and intelligence. His writings are sometimes unusual or comic, he paints vivid portraits of some great people, and he gives the reader much to think about. I wish that the original publication dates for the articles were included, but other than that Much Digressions is another fine collection of the digr-- musings of Peter David.

Overall grade: A
Reviewed by James Lynch

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