CYANIDE AND HAPPINESS by Kris, Rob, Matt & Dave

It's impressive how twisted creations can be made with simple stick figures. Cyanide & Happiness is a collection of the often evil, usually funny, sometimes clever comics appearing online at ww.wexplosm.net

George Carlin once said humor can be found in any topic, based on the exaggeration of that topic. Cyanide and Happiness doesn't so much exaggerate sensitive topics as twist them, as people standing and talking turn into animal attacks, cancer and AIDS, murders, births, sex, and a lot more.

I'm surprised it takes four people to make these comic strips: The art is very simple (if effective) and the stand-alone strips don't require advanced plotting or storytelling techniques. Cyanide and Happiness does manage to be funny most of the time, sometimes with visual puns but often with very dark humor. (Many strips end with a character staring silently in shock at what they just saw or heard.) For some evil chuckles, check out Cyanide and Happiness.

Overall grade: B
Reviewed by James Lynch

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