An Unfinished Life

An Unfinished Life stars master actors Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman. The film also features "triple threat" Jennifer Lopez who restricts herself to acting duties. While I hadn't heard much about this film, the cast intrigued me enough to bring it home from Blockbuster.

This film is a character study in unresolved issues. Redford plays Einar, a rancher in Wyoming that has not moved on from the unexpected passing of his son. J Lo is the daughter-in-law down on her luck. The two can't get along, but need to learn to live with each other.

Providing counterpoint is a bear (played by Bart the Bear). The bear figures in the story, and has some symbolic value, but is a lot of fun to watch strolling into town. The scenery of rural Wyoming is also beautiful and adds to the enjoyment of An Unfinished Life.

If you're looking for a strongly acted film, that showcases the characters as much as the plot, then An Unfinished Life is the film for you. I enjoyed it very much.

Overall Grade: B+

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