Mail Order Wife (2005)

These days, for a grand or two, just about anyone can acquire a digital video camera, and a computer video workstation. Add in a compelling topic, and any average Joe can be a documentary filmmaker. Unfortunately, many of these budding Scorcese's films are better suited for YouTube than the big screen.

The premise of Mail Order Wife is based around a slightly below average guy decides to find his future wife from a catalog of foreign women. The film subsidizes him a couple grand, and welcome to America for a Southeast Asian woman. A couple of weeks later, they are married, and the film production is halted for the newlyweds. I kind of wish things had ended here.

What follows is a disturbing portrayal as the new marriage is not what it seems. The director tries to assist the Asian bride, but that was not without some serious strings. However, by the end, I was starting to wonder who really took the most advantage, and who to feel sorry for.

Mail Order Wife is a mostly forgettable pseudodocumentary that should convince any guy that just about any other method of finding a bride is preferable.

Overall Grade: C

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