Stephen Lynch, 3 BALLOONS

Stephen Lynch is a balladeer of the twisted, combining his guitar playing and singing voice with immensely dark humor. 3 Balloons is Lynch's latest foray into evil musical comedy.

Just about nothing is off limits on 3 Balloons. There are songs about AIDS, drug smuggling, cursing at little schoolkids, body parts, and a series of brief "Dear Diary" tunes that sound sweet until the writer's identity is revealed. Even when praising the cartoon Peanuts Lynch works in plenty of cursing.

Stephen Lynch varies his musical styles a bit more on this album than others, adding some folk music and medieval sounds, but he continues the format that's worked for him so far: making the music seem genuine while the lyrics are dark comedy. This mix makes 3 Balloons good for many sick laughs, even after repeated listenings.

Overall grade: A-
Reviewed by James Lynch

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