Norah Jones, THE FALL

Does a lovely singing voice equal a lovely album? Norah Jones has an always great voice very often employed in making mellow music. Despite a slight variety of styles, her new album The Fall remains very mellow.

The Fall is primarily an album about romance, be it thwarted by geography ("Back to Manhattan") or slightly mischevious ("you've ruined me now/ but I liked it"). Norah Jones' voice is beautiful, and the songs here are not just ballads but have elements of the blues, country, and even a little alternative.

Even with expanding her musical style, Norah Jones' songs tend to be a bit too mellow after a while. You can appreciate her singing, but the songs start to blend together after a while. Even the Target exclusive (discalimer: I work for Target -- or does Target work for me ?) covers -- Johnny Cash's "Cry Cry Cry," Wilco's "Jesus Inc." and the Kinks' "Strangers" -- made me more interested in hearing the originals than in Norah's versions again. The Fall is pleasant enough, though a bit slow.

Overall grade: C+
Reviewed by James Lynch

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