When it comes to a muse, a photographer could not ask for a better source of inspiration than the lovely Heidi Klum. The photographer Rankin has collaborated with Klum over several years, and Rankin's Heidilicious collects over 200 pages of his photographs of her taken over several years.

Following a foreword by Klum's husband Seal and a question-answer session between Rankin and Klum, Rankin's Heidilicious jumps straight into the photographs. As one might expect, there are numerous glamour and beauty shots: Klum in lingerie, bikini, and outfits that are more fresh air than fabric. But there are also numerous different and playful pictures here as well, from Klum going punk to her drenched in chocolate to her becoming a blue-skinner multi-armed Indian goddess. Rankin brings out both the beauty and playfulness in Klum, and the photos are all stunning. These photographs are certainly worthy of this coffee table book.

My only complaint with Rankin's Heidilicious is this book's lack of information. The only details given about each group of photographs are the hair, makeup, and stylist, so we don't know where the photos originally appeared -- Victoria's Secret? Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue? advertisments? -- or what the chronology is for when the photos were taken.

Apart from letting the photos speak for themselves, Rankin's Heidilicious is a terrific showcase of what happens when a terrific photographer works with an amazing model. "Heidilicious" is certainly the best word for this!
Overall grade: A
Reviewed by James Lynch

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