I-CON 29

I-CON returned! And not just chronologically: I-CON 29 was held at SUNY Stony Brook, its home for all the years I've been going, except for last year. Having it back at its traditional home was great, obviating the constant driving from hotel to campus and back to go to different events. And, of course, this is the event that proves what the Arrogant Worms sang: It's great to be a nerd.

I-CON is dedicated to science fiction and fantasy, and the convention covers these and other areas of fandom. I-CON 29 had plenty of sci-fi, medieval fantasy, comic books, anime, horror, costuming (both created by fans and sold by vendors), gaming, video games (plenty of new stuff, though one dealer had games for the Super Nintendo), movie posters, original art, jewelry, and some Twilight items (but more on the backlash to Twilight). Attendees could wander the very full dealer's room and find elaborate costumes, rare and common dvds (one dealer even had bootlegs; I got a copy of a performance of Evil Dead: The Musical), innumerable dice, posters, and much more.

There were several celebrities throughout the convention. In addition to the celebs set up in the Dealer's Room, I also ran into author Peter David at a panel on, of all things, Mad Magazine. I also got a picture of and autograph from Charisma Carpenter, star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

The panels were terrific. I learned "How to Achieve World Domination," found out about "Protecting Your Secret Identity," (who gave that panel, anyway?) and heard the competition "Mine Is An Eeeeeeevil Laugh!" I also gave my fourth lecture on "Super(hero) S&M!" and attended several panels on Gamer Sex (not an oxymoron). There was a late-night Cosplay Burlesque performance; I'll never look at Link the same way again... I also attended several panels on Gamer Sex (not an oxymoron) and gave my fourth "Super(hero) S&M!" lecture.

I-CON 29 also had its open gaming area, featuring both scheduled competitions and pickup games. I won twice at Cosmic Encounter, got my butt kicked in The Red Dragon Inn and Saint Petersburg, and participated in the literally shortest losing game of Pandemic possible. This area ran smoothly, in large part to Armchair Critic writer and infrequent haberdasher Scott Gianelli.

I-CON 29 was tremendous fun. I got there as everything was starting and left when they kicked us out of the last panel because the building was closing. Too bad I have to wait another year until I can go again!
Written by James Lynch


Chuck Bouchard said...

According to my internal guest database the Protecting your Secret identity had these guests assigned:
Casmira Boland
Sammy Lam
Steve Barbaro
Don't know if they all showed up.
-Chuck Bouchard
VC Operations
I-Con Science Fiction Inc.

James Lynch said...

Um, I was making a joke off the subject of the panel. Still, thanks for the list...

smg58 said...

To be fair, Marc Zukerman ran the board gaming track. I was merely one of his evil minions.