Olivia Munn is the current reigning geek goddess. She hosts the electronics/video game show Attack of the Show, she appeared in Iron Man 2 and on several magazine covers, and she's been at comic book conventions dressed as everyone from Chun-Li to Slave Leia to Wonder Woman. Suck It, Wonder Woman! The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek is a collection of her writings. "Ramblings" would be more accurate, both in subjects and tone.

There are three types of essays here. First, we learn a lot about Munn's childhood; in summary, it was rough and she was an outsider, teased and tormented by other kids. Second, we learn about her exploits, good and bad, in Hollywood: a disastrous photo shoot for Playboy, her love of pie and subsequent giant pie jump (shown below), horrible people and wonderful people. Third, there are comedy routines, from semi-serious dating tips to "Princess Leia Tweets Star Wars" to "How to Make Love Like a Zombie." There are also fan art of Munn, her dressed as "A Gallery of Great Women" (from Betsy Ross to Jayna from the Wonder Twins -- probably the only time those two will be on the same list), and a photo of her at the bottom right of the pages, making Suck It, Wonder Woman! a flipbook.

This could be the most colloquial book ever written; it really feels like Munn is chatting instead of writing. This also gives Suck It, Wonder Woman! a fairly amateurish feel (and the typos don't help here either). Sometimes Munn is fairly funny, while other times she's just complaining and cursing a lot. There's no great insight into either geek culture (she loves 'em) or Hollywood (plenty of scumbags out there). On Attack of the Show Olivia Munn can be pretty cool sometimes and awkward at other times -- and that is very true for Suck It Wonder Woman!

Overall grade: C
Reviewed by James Lynch

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