While the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is an annual tradition, a coffee table book of other pictures from that photo shoot may have become an annual tradition as well. This year's collection is Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Portfolio: Paradise Found and it once again showcases beautiful women at beautiful locales wearing (or at least holding) beautiful swimwear.

The introduction goes from John Milton and Renaissance painter Tintoretto to Guns N' Roses in less than a page, but after that comes the reason for the book: swimsuit models, photographed in exotic places. (Actually, I count four photos before the introduction as well.) Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Portfolio: Paradise Found features eighteen models, photographed by five photographers, in places ranging from India to Chile to the Maldives to California.
As in previous Swimsuit Portfolios, each "chapter" begins with the photographer's comments on the model, followed by several pages of photos of that model, followed with that model's thoughts of the shoot and/or photographer. There are different local features, not to mention several animals and even two shoots revolving around WWII planes, but the main appeal remains the models.

As always, the combination of women and location is nigh-flawless. I didn't recognize the names of most of the models here (exceptions: Bar Refaeli and Brooklyn Decker) but the photographs are all stunning. This is the identical format to the previous portfolios, but considering how well it works, why change it? Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Portfolio: Paradise Found is indeed a collection of visual samples of paradise.
Overall grade: A-
Reviewed by James Lynch

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