Dirty Face by Emily Long

Songwriter Emily Long fronts a brutal and sexy rock 'n' roll band. Upon first listen, you might hear influences like Ronnie Spector and Freddie Mercury in Emily's voice, but the band nods to a more modern T.Rex or heavier Cars. Centered around Emily’s towering vocals, the lineup also includes finger-bleeding melody chemist Daniel Ryan Espy, as well as the clean and calculated Nik Lokenssgaard on guitars. The band’s rhythm section is composed of amp-kicking bassist Bret Ritter and the hard-hitting showman Zach Jones on drums.
I took a listen, and it definitely sounds like a modern rock anthem. It has a power, drive and passion behind it that is enjoyable, and reminds of the broad strokes from the 1980's, albeit with less electronics. At any rate, it is worth checking out, and there is a link to download the track in the player above.

Grade: A-

Reviewed by Jonas


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