The show Glee is, much like American Idol, a combination of tv entertainment and music machine: People who like the people and performances from the show may also seek out the songs on cd/iTunes. Glee: The Music, Dance Party (disclaimer: This is a Target exclusive, and I work for Target -- or does Target work for me?) is a six-song collection of upbeat covers from the show.

I'm not sure what makes this collection a "dance party" -- the lack of slow ballads, perhaps? -- but the songs here are a mix of pop, rap, and even '80s nostalgia (with "I Know What Boys Like"). The problem is that there's no attempt to make these covers sound different from the original versions (unless you count the slightly cleaned-up lyrics on "Yeah!").

That's not to say the songs are bad per se. Heather Morris (Brittany on the show) has a decent voice, singing on "I'm a Slave 4 U" and "Tik Tok." There's also a nice, almost deliberately amateurish version of, well, high school kids singing together on "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend how to Dance with You."

Glee: The Music, Dance Party is neither terrible nor great. It is, simply, six routine covers of popular songs that were performed on a popular show.

Overall grade: C
Reviewed by James Lynch

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