As fall approaches and the days and nights get chillier, it's easy to imagine someplace nicer. Tropical islands have a definite appeal: sun, sand, oceans, warmth... and the world's most spectacular swimsuit models. The last are featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Portfolio: Fantasy Islands, the latest coffee-table book based on that ultimate expression of the male heterosexual id, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

The theme of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Portfolio: Fantasy Islands is presented quite simply in the title. This collection features seventeen models, being shot in swimwear by five photographers, in islands in Fiji, the Philippines, the British Virgin Islands, Singapore, and Hawaii. Each model has several pages of photographs, followed by their photographer speaking about how great it was working with them.

This book follows the same format as the previous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Portfolio collections (also reviewed here), essentially expanding the annual Swimsuit Issue into a hardcover book with larger dimensions (11.2" x 12.2") and glossy pages. And, as with previous years, it works very well. The combination of stunning women and gorgeous scenery remains as intoxicating as ever, and while there are few surprises, this book delivers exactly what it promises. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Portfolio: Fantasy Islands is another terrific collection of beautiful photography of beautiful women.

Overall grade: A-

Reivewed by James Lynch

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