Lindsay Lohan Does PLAYBOY

The book Ebert's Bigger Little Book Glossary includes this entry: "Centerfold Folly. With the exception of Marilyn Monroe, no actress who has appeared nude in Playboy to advance her acting career has ever actually advanced her acting career." But does this apply to an actress hoping to re-start her career? And what if she channels Marilyn Monroe while appearing nude in Playboy? Time will tell if this works for Lindsay Lohan, the cover model and main attraction for this year's Holiday issue of Playboy.

The photo spread has Lohan doing a shot-by-shot re-creation of the Marilyn Monroe photo spread from the 1949 issue. As such, Lohan is adorned with Monroe's hair (in color in style), wears nothing but red lipstick, and poses just shy of showing everything (though I must tragically show even less for this entry) against an all-red backdrop. There's also a brief bio of Lohan, from her successes to current probation; a bit of hope contradicting the "Centerfold Folly," cited above, as the writer notes that Drew Barrymore posed for Playboy in 1995 "and by 1998 she was back on top... a star again, for all the right reasons"; and a few comments from Lohan, who quotes Marilyn Monroe, observes that "because you only live once you have to learn from your mistakes" (an odd comment from someone who's repeatedly violated her probation) and "I have no idea why there is this fascination with everything I do." (An odd comment from the nekkid cover model of Playboy.)

So Lindsay Lohan has joined the long roster of celebrities baring it all for Playboy (and voiding her statement in 2004: " I'm not doing Playboy, no. Never.") Will this wind up as the latest mistake from someone whose life of excess led her to addiction and prison? Will the publicity (the issue was released early after the photos were leaked online) and reported million dollar payout for the photos lead to new career opportunities for the actress? And how will this affect Playboy, which has fallen on such tough times that Hefner is considering selling his magazine? Time will tell; but as Lohan's successes and failures all happened before she bared it all, it will be her actions and not this pictorial that resurrects her career -- or ends it.

Written by James Lynch.

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