Pink, THE TRUTH ABOUT LOVE (Deluxe Version)

Love may be, as the poets say, a many-splendoured thing -- but it becomes something quite disappointing, thrilling, sexy, and addictive in the world of bass-ass singer Pink.  The Truth about Love, her latest album, shows that motherhood hasn't softened either her writing or delivery -- or her skills.
Following the opening we're-a-community-of-rebels anthem "Are We All We Are," The Truth about Love takes on love in all its glorious and reckless facets.  There's the simultaneous mix of love and hate ("True Love"), unconditional support ("The Great Escape"), the joy of sex ("Slut like You"), the shame of sex ("Walk of Shame"), co-dependent neediness ("How Come You're Not Here") and saying adios to an ex (the first single, "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)").  The Truth about Love isn't simple in its message, avoiding both excess sentimentality and man-bashing lyrics.

What the album has is Pink in fine form.  She keeps things nicely varied from start to finish, mixing up her sound to go from pop to rock to near-acoustic ballads.  Her songwriting doesn't pull any punches ("At the same time I wanna hug you/ I wanna wrap my hands around your neck/You're an asshole but I love you/And you make me so mad I ask myself/Why I'm still here or where could I go?") and her vocals carry both the jagged and soft songs with ease.  The album isn't perfect -- "Beam Me Up" is a weird mix of sentiment and science-fiction, and I could have lived nicely without the Eminem cameo -- but The Truth about Love is a terrific reminder of how forceful and terrific Pink can be.

The Target deluxe version (disclaimer: I work for Target -- as a ninja!) has four bonus tracks that don't quite fit in with the theme of the album but are still enjoyable.

Overall grade: A-
Reviewed by James Lynch

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