I don't think the ability to see in the dark is the stuff of science fiction amymore -- from animals with this ability to night-vision goggles -- but since the SyFy Channel shows wrestling, they might as well pretend seeing in darkness is advanced.  At any rate, this ability is the whole impetus for their game show Total Blackout.

Hosted by Jaleel White, each episode of Total Blackout has four contestants competing in total darkness for a $5000 prize; and thanks to cameras that see in the dark, we get to watch what the contestants are doing while they race with each other or try to identify things by touch, smell, etc.  After each event, the remaining contestants jump onto spaces on the floor in front of them -- with the eliminated player falling through.

I wish they'd left the lights and cameras off for Total Blackout; that way, I wouldn't have had to watch this terrible show.  The challenges to be gross and sadistic, and the final challenge has a cruel prank played on the contestants (such as telling them they'll have a live tarantula placed on them, while it's just a stuffed animal).  The contestants spend most of their time shrieking and squirming (not that I can blame them), and White provides incessant useless, annoying, and unfunny commentary during the challenges.  And "thanks" to editing, we don't see who's winning a competition until it's over and we wait for one person to jump into a pit.
Total Blackout seems designed for people who still find the Saw movies entertaining.  For those of us who like contests with intelligence, skill, or even dignity, this show is the antithesis of quality programming.  Sadly, this makes it a perfect addition to the SyFy Channel.

Overall grade: F
Reviewed by James Lynch

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