Horror movies can tend towards the simple slasher formula, so it's nice when a movie like Triangle aims for a more thoughtful approach. I just wish the movie did more than content itself with its own mind games.
Jess (Melissa George) is a waitress who drops her autistic son off at school before joining five acquaintances for a trip on their yacht, named the Triangle. Jess seems a bit dazed and keeps feeling deja vu -- but that won't stop her or the others from having a good time in the middle of the Atlantic. Unfortunately, the ship gets a mysterious distress call from someone who says that someone killed everyone. Then a massive storm strikes, destroying the Triangle and dragging one of the friends away. The five survivors seem lucky when they come across a giant ship that they can board. However, wehoever's on the new ship doesn't want to be seen -- and then a hooded figure starts killing the Triangle survivors one by one. And then things get really weird when Jess looks overboard...
Triangle has an interesting setup and some nice use of camera angles and touches (especially when multiple items start showing up) to show how the bizarre situation is possible. But the characters are paper-thin, and while Melissa George is solid in her role as the almost shell-shocked stranger who holds the key to what's going on, the rest of the cast is very generic as the friends-victims supporting the star. Triangle is an interesting viewing, but not more than its basic trick. (DVD extras are limited to cast and crew interviews.) Overall grade: B-
Reviewed by James Lynch

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