Few games have reminded me so much of the song "The Monster Mash" as Monster Fluxx.  This game, the latest Fluxx offering from Looney Labs, uses the Fluxx rules for classic movie monsters.

Monster Fluxx follows the same rules as previous Fluxx games.  Players play Keepers (people, monsters, and items), Goals (which let someone with the right combination of Keepers win), Actions (which do everything from let someone play more cards to steal or discard Keepers), and Rules (which affect how many cards players can draw, play, or have).  Since Monster Fluxx is a Target exclusive (disclaimer: I work for Target -- but I don't twerk for them), the slightly more complex Creepers and Surprise cards are absent.

Monster Fluxx uses classic movie and cartoon monsters and themes, from the Werewolf and Zombies to the Teenage Detectives and the Spooky Door.  The artwork isn't too scary, which keeps with the family feel of the game; and there's even bits of humor, like the Goal "Cereal Mascots," which gives victory to anyone with two of the following: Franken-Monster, the Vampire, or the Ghost.  Anyone who's played Fluxx before will have zero trouble playing this version, and it's easy to teach new people.  Monster Fluxx is a nice game for fans of not-too-scary monsters.

Overall grade: B
Reviewed by James Lynch

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