The Wil Wheaton Project proves that geek snark is still snark.  This show on the Syfy Channel tries to capitalize on the big interest in geek culture but only succeeds in being obnoxious.
Wil Wheaton has been made himself an unofficial ambassador for geek culture, from his role on Star Trek: The Next Generation to his gaming playing-review show TableTop.  On the Wil Wheaton Project, though, Wheaton is closed to his self-parodying villain on The Big Bang Theory, as he looks smug while making bad puns and insulting jokes about whatever's big in sci-fi and fantasy from the week before.  There are also "sketches" (that are would-be comic voiceovers played over clips of the originals) and guest stars, like Chris Hardwick and Felecia Day.

The Wil Wheaton Project isn't the most insulting approach to covering the world we nerds love, but it could be the laziest, as it goes for nothing beyond cheap laughs.  With a host who tries way too hard at putting himself above the world that makes him famous, and jokes that are little more than smart-ass comments, this show is one people inside and outside the geek world would do well to avoid.

Overall grade: D-
Reviewed by James Lynch

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