Los Angeles Smarts

As someone who's spent most of his life on the east coast of America -- New York, Richmond, North Carolina -- I've often dreamed of visiting California.  I've heard so much about it, from the awards shows, movie history, and, in the winter, heat (though the latter is less of a problem since I moved to North Carolina) -- and Los Angeles is the center of it all.  Since I don't know the area, though, I'd either have to go for one event or wander around aimlessly.  The Armchair Critic got a guide to L.A. called Los Angeles Smarts -- and it looks like quite a guide to quite a city.

Entertainment in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Smarts describes itself as "a small company that specializes in everything to do with Los Angeles " and while that's quite a claim, they do provide lots of information -- and links to other places for more information or details.  The site itself provides information on L.A. theaters, venues, sporting teams, and restaurants.  In addition, their site provides other information, whether finding other activities for tourists, or the latest news on what NFL team might be moving to Los Angeles.  It's a nice way to find more possibilities for a L.A. vacation.

I have no idea when I'll be going out to California -- but when I do, I'll be using Los Angeles Smarts to figure out what to do and where to go while I'm out there.

Written by James Lynch

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