Back during the N.Y. Friar's Club Roast of Drew Carey, Ryan Stiles joked that Drew Carey didn't go to strip clubs for the women -- he went to them for the music.  Despite that, the music at such places (or personal/private performances) has certain rhythms and themes to them -- and Strip Jointz Rocks: Rock N' Roll for Sexy Dancers does a pretty good job of representing (part of) the music for strip clubs, or for stripping in general.

The 16 songs on Strip Jointz Rocks are both quite diverse and somewhat limited.  The selection of songs is pretty eclectic: There are strip club staples like "Girls Girls Girls," "Addicted to Love" and "I Touch Myself."  These are interspersed with music from lesser known bands (Republica, Gleaming Spires) and some classic rock songs that aren't normally associated with stripping.  ("Born to Be Wild," What's Your Name.")  What's missing are any songs by minorities; but this omission may be deliberate, as the follow-up collection is all strip club music by minorities.
It's impossible to get every song one would want on a collection like this (I tried to do a top 10 mix, which would be being 20 songs and still had numerous songs left off), but Strip Jointz Rocks manages to be an entertaining mix of songs.  The blending of classic rock, alternative music, and current (for when this album came out) songs works pretty well, and even though I'm not a fan of all the songs here, this is an easy album to listen to start to finish.  Strip Jointz Rocks delivers what it promises.

Overall grade: A-
Reviewed by James Lynch

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