Wow, that is an awful lot of music!  The Bob's Burgers Music Album has over 100 songs from the very funny cartoon show.  However, getting so many songs on the two CDs is possible because of the majority of extremely brief songs.

Most of the songs on this album are sang by the cast of Bob's Burgers -- H. Jon Benjamin, Dan Mintz, Eugene Miriman, John Roberts, Kristin Schaal -- along with numerous guest stars (notably Megan Mullally, who voices Aunt Gayle and does a dead-on Tori Amos impersonation).  At the end of the album, several bands (including St. Vincent and the National) cover some earlier songs off the album.

Most of the songs are the short tunes that play over the end credits of the show.  There are numerous covers ("99 Red Balloons," "One Way or Another," "You're the Best"), a few full-length songs from the show (the Thomas Edison song "Electric Love," the Die Hard-Working Girl medley "Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl,"), and plenty of scatalogical humor ("The Diarrhea Song," "BM in the P.M.").  There's also a wide variety of songs, from '80s songs to country music and boy bands.
I love the show Bob's Burgers, and I really wanted to enjoy The Bob's Burgers Music Album.  But the shortness of most of the songs (most last less than a minute) can make them hard to enjoy -- and hard to find on the album, since you may need to go through dozens of songs to get to a specific one.  This is good for remembering scenes from the TV show, but I'd rather have fewer full-length songs instead of so many very short songs.

Overall grade: B-
Reviewed by James Lynch

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