An Introduction, of Sorts

Second day of class, junior year of high school, September 1986: The third year of my four-year sentence did not begin auspiciously. Here I am doing exactly what I did yesterday during lunch -- walking around the cafeteria, looking for an empty seat at a table where I'd feel welcome. Wait, what about over there... with those two? Scott, don't do this to yourself... you'll be stuck with the "geek" label the rest of your life... you'll waste countless hours over-dissecting Star Trek and Star Wars and you'll still be playing Dungeons and Dragons in your mid-thirties... you'll wind up with no friends, at least none that any normal, sensible, well-adjusted person would ever admit to having and...

(glossing over nineteen years and a handful of important details)

...and here we are starting a blog together. I guess some things were meant to last. Hopefully this little endeavor will be one of them.


Scarlet119 said...

Whose in this photo, Scott?

:-) Rachel

Digital Doc said...


None of us is actually in the image, but it is frm the school cafeteria where we used to eat lunch.