Mount Dragon

Looking for a great thriller from the duo that brought us Relic? This novel focuses on "Mount Dragon," a fictitious Level 5 biohazard facility set in the New Mexico desert, close to where the first atomic bomb tests were conducted. The principal character is Guy Carson, a scientist that specializes in genetics. The plot focuses around his attempt to cure a scourge of mankind- the influenza virus. Set against a back drop of the badlands of the desert, the authors have managed to create a thriller of large proportions. It not only works as a biothriller, but also as a cyberthriller, and a wilderness survival novel. This is all wrapped around a cautionary tale of genetic reengineering and the power that man has its disposal currently. Even though the novel came out in 1996, it's message is still contemporary today. I can recommend Mount Dragon to thriller readers without reservation.

Overall Grade: A

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