The Longest Yard

In this remake of the 1974 film of the same name, Adam Sandler stars with Chris Rock and Burt Reynolds. Sandler is a washed up former NFL quarterback who lands himself in jail. The warden decides to have an exhibition "tune up" game for his team of guards, against the inmates. This wacky scenario did hold my attention, and there are plenty of humorous moments, many of them involving racial, and gender humor (you've been warned).

The whole movie builds to a final game between the prisoners, and their guards. Nice touches include a field fenced in with barbed wire, and Texas Rangers with high power rifles to prevent the escape. Of course, the game uses "prison rules" which amounts to there aren't any!

In conclusion, the whole movie is a put your feet up, and check your brain at the door, relax away type of affair. It is entertaining, and is the perfect movie to "vedge out" with as long as you understand up front that this is the only purpose.
Overall Grade: B

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