Stealth stars Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel, and Jamie Foxx in the attempt at the proverbial summer blockbuster. This try fizzles despite a bold premise, and stunning visual effects. In the end, the plot is about as thin as the carbon fiber skin of one of their high tech fighter airplanes.

The plot is centered around an ultra secret squad of US Navy fighter-bomber scram jets based on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. The three main characters are the pilots, in this high tech version of Top Gun. Despite some excellent visual effects (including footage shot on the aircraft carrier), the plot is barely passable and not quite worthy of two hours of attention. A runaway robotic plane that joins the squadron and makes for the most disloyal robot since HAL in 2001. A strong soundtrack attempts to save this poorly cohesive film, and partally glues it together. In the end, it needed some better plot development, and some more depth to its characters. Fans of action blockbusters may enjoy it, but a well balanced film it clearly is not.

Overall Grade: B-

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