Jodie Foster stars in Flightplan, a thriller. Foster plays a propulsion engineer, who conveniently for the plot, happens to be the designer of the jet engines on a new double decker airplane. Foster and her daughter are flying back on the jet after her husband dies with his casket in the hold. Before you can say "takeoff," the plot whirlwinds as Foster desperately searches for her lost daughter on the behemooth of a jet airplane. As an engineer, Foster knows the plane from top to bottom, and the action takes place in every conceivable nook and cranny.

Flightplan plays off the very human emotion of fear, and what a mother will do to get her lost child back. In that regard, it reminded me of another Foster thriller, Panic Room.

Unfortunately, the trailers for this film revealed a little too much of this somewhat predictable film. I enjoyed the twists and turns, but they were somewhat familiar most of the time. It felt more like the evening commute home, than a scenic vacation drive.

Aficionados of thriller movies will enjoy Flightplan, but there is nothing new or revolutionary here. Get on board at your own risk.

Overall Grade: B

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