Lost, 2/21/07

After last week's dismal flashback episode, Lost almost, well "lost" me as a viewer. I was starting to wonder if the writers and producers ever really had an overall plot that the show was going in, or were they simply lost and confused as well. Anyway, after missing it on Wednesday, I was curious, and caught it online through the ABC site. I'm seriously glad that I made the effort.

Maybe it's that the surgeon has always been my favorite character on the island (I wonder why?). Finally, this week we got back to the plot, and showed a few things focusing on him. This time the background story contributed something as we got into that tat on Jack's arm. Seriously, I know just about no doctors with tatoos, so I've always wondered where he got such a large mark on the deltoid. A pretty dame was involved; I shoulda guessed something like that happened! Anyway, did anyone else notice that his tatoo is twice the size now compared to what she did? Me thinks we only got half the story on that issue so far.

Also, this week, we focused back on Jack with "The Others," and the escapees journey back to the main island. Once again I'm intrigued, and will make an effort to watch. In my view, the old Lost has returned, and it is for the better.

Episode Grade: A- (I'm still taking points off for last week!)

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