Lost Returns, and I'm Bored

I'm what you might call, a "casual fan" of ABC's show, Lost. While others may carefully study every detail, I really just want to see what happens on the island. The show has way too many commercials, and the hiatus from the fall until the last two weeks didn't help anything either. Also, the many flashbacks rarely add much to the show in my view, so I just flip to something else, and return when they're done for some more plot. Seriously, otherwise the show gets way boring at times, at least for me.

Last week's episode left us in the middle of an escape, and the Doctor, Jack, willing to sacrifice himself for his friends. I was very disappointed this week. It was an entire flashback focusing on Desmond, the guy they found in the hatch. He's always been a minor player, and an afterthought, at least for me. A whole episode of his back story? Does anyone really care that much about him? There are already too many plot lines in progress to spend this much time on developing something else that's quite frankly, not that intriguing anyway.

All I know is that with my strategy, I kept switching back and forth, and from the best I could tell, there was less than five minutes of time spent on the island. I'm sorry, but the flashbacks shouldn't be the main attraction. If they want to know why the ratings are sagging with each season, this just might have something to do with it.

I still haven't decided what's going to be the plan for next week. I may very well not even tune in, and head on over to elsewhere. That's a shame because this show used to be great!

This Week's Episode Grade: D

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