The Hunting Party (2007)

Richard Gere and Terrence Howard star in The Hunting Party. It is a look back at the Kosovo Conflict, and whatever happened to the war criminals in the aftermath.

Gere is Simon, a field reporter that brought the conflict to US television. He was on the front lines, right in the thick of things, and did whatever it took to get the story. At his side throughout, Howard is Duck, his faithful cameraman that shot the whole thing, even while taking a few bullets himself. After an on air meltdown by Simon, as he tried to set the TV anchor straight as to what was really going on in the war zone, he was dropped from the network, and began a downward spiral. After some stints on some lesser networks, Simon ultimately drops to freelance reporting, while Duck gets the cushiest job at the network. For the fifth anniversary of the conflict, the two have a chance to reunite. They both want to know why none of the war criminals have been caught, despite some of their names being in the local phone book. Thus begins their adventure into discovery of the truth.

The Hunting Party, despite being closely based on actual events, simply tries to be more entertaining than serious, and that is where it fails. The reporters, despite having seemingly hourly brushes with death, simply take it all in stride like we're in some Austin Powers movie, where no one ever really dies. While it is infuriating that so many of the war criminals are still at large, and those charged in catching them are perfectly content not do so, this film doesn't do enough to show the injustice of the large genocide and resulting refugees. Rather, it just goes about it matter of factly. The tone of the film would fit a Disney ride, and while entertaining, it doesn't give the topic and theme of The Hunting Party the seriousness it deserves.

Overall Grade: C+

Reviewed by Jonas

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