The Last Time (2006)

The Last Time is a lackluster look at the high pressure world of business sales. It stars Michael Keaton, Amber Valletta, and Brendan Fraser.

The premise is that Keaton is Ted, the all confident master salesmen moving some industrial product (that is purposely kept vague throughout the film). He is the top seller out of his office. He gets partnered up with Fraser who portrays Jamie, the Middle Western bumpkin that was a big fish in a small pond back home, but now is in over his head. Relocating to NY, he now is on his way to living the American dream with a big house in suburbia, and an attractive wife, Belisa (Amber Valletta). The one thing holding Jamie back is that his sales have turned cold, and we're talking ice cold. In fact, since he relocated, despite being a superstar in Ohio, he can't sell one darn thing. As the film progresses, Belisa and Ted have an affair.

For the majority of this film, it was simply too predictable. At many points, I was easily anticipating the next line, or what would happen next wondering why anyone would make a movie with a plot with so few twists and turns. However, in the last few minutes, that I won't give away, it all becomes clear, and I was lulled out of my sense of normalcy. It also gives new meaning to the phrase "It's just business."

The Last Time, despite a good performance by Keaton, would have been a C+ without the last ten minutes, so it was saved by the bell (or the DVD eject button in this case).

Overall Grade: B-

Reviewed by Jonas

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