Candles On Bay Street (2006)

You can always count on a Hallmark movie to provide a tearjerker, and Candles On Bay Street is no exception.

This film takes place in a typical Maine small town; the kind of place that kids growing up can't wait to get out of, and once they do, they want to return to raise their family. Exemplifying this are the town veterinarians, a husband and wife team. The husband grew up in the town, went away for college, and returned with his wife and started a veterinary clinic. All is status quo until his childhood neighbor/sweetheart bops back into town with a child to reside in her parents old house.

The crisis occurs when it is revealed that the mother is imminently dying of cancer, and there is no one to raise the boy (even though up until this point she was the picture of health). Faster than you can say "Hallmark greeting card," the search is on to find a good home for the boy. With a plot twist you can see from the town lighthouse, you can guess where the boy ends up.

How dismal is this film? Actually for a made for television flick, it's not terrible. The acting is decent, and the setting is engaging. The pacing keeps moving along, and the veterinary cases that get sprinkled into the film helped to keep me interested. Candles On Bay Street, while emotional, makes an ok dramatic film. Catch it on The Hallmark Channel.

Overall Grade: B

Reviewed by Jonas

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Sharon said...

What is the name of the song they kept singing thoughout the entire movie? Something about "Ill be there" or something to that affect.