Sex and the City (2008)

So, I've already gone to the cinema to see the latest Indiana Jones film. Now, this week, we hit this heat wave, and some hours of A/C sound pretty good. What else is playing? Well, this Sex and the City film seems to be getting a lot of buzz. However, I hear that it's a continuation of the hit cable TV series, that I never saw a single episode of. Seriously. I knew Sarah Jessica Parker better for her work at Steve & Barry's. On top of all this, when fellow Armchair Critic Jim hears that I'm going to see this, he wishes me well, and says "You're a braver man than me for tackling S&TC, comrade." He goes on to explain that "One of the best criticisms of the show came from one of the actresses on the show, who described it as 'women sitting around complaining that there are no fabulous men, only fabulous women.'" Hmm, did I really want to see this? Would my manhood emerge unscathed? However, faced with another 90+ degree day of sweltering heat, the "fabulous women" beckoned.

I shouldn't have been too concerned. I was able to pick up the storyline pretty easily. While the characters initially confused me a little bit, I had everyone straight before too long. The center of the action is Carrie Bradshaw (Parker). She has had an on and off again relationship with Mr. Big (Chris Noth) for far too long. As they plan on moving into a fancy Manhattan apartment, they decide it's time for matrimony. Faster than we can say "wedding planner," the wedding is totally out of control, and Mr. Big stands Carrie up at the altar in a dramatic scene. Carrie and the rest of the gals go on the prepaid honeymoon in Mexico. Carrie returns to rebuild her life, and enlists the aid of a young assistant, Louise (Jennifer Hudson). Eventually relationships and lives get rebuilt, and there just might be some wedding nuptials by the end.

Overall, I do have to agree with Jim that this is a highly woman centric film. However, focusing on the gals doesn't exclude a guy from enjoying it. The acting was all well done. Sex and the City is worth a viewing just to see all the fashion that went into it (I can only imagine the budget for all those edgy outfits). They also made good use of many Manhattan locales in the setting which add to the realism and excitement of the film. They also did a good job of portraying the characters as multidimensional, but with seasons of a TV show to draw upon, it's not too hard when you're starting with developed characters already.

Was Sex and the City true to the original TV series? I still have no idea. All I can say was it was an entertaining way to spend a few hours away from the stifling weather, and watch a decent story unfold that certainly held the audience's attention with plenty of chuckles along the way. Isn't that what movie magic is all about?

Overall Grade: A-

Reviewed by Jonas

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