The Whigs, Mission Control (ATO Records, 2008)

The Whigs are an aggressive garage band from the musical hotbed of Athens, Georgia. Parker Gispert sings and plays guitar, Julian Dorio plays drums, and Tim Deaux is their new bassist. Their second album Mission Control was recorded last fall and released in January.

For better and for worse, The Whigs only seem to know how to play loud and hard. So if energy is what you're looking for, you'll find it in abundance here. Unfortunately there's little variety, and even loud bands need a consistent sense of musicality to make a strong album. Mission Control does boast a pair of solid rockers in "Right Hand on My Heart" and "Already Young," but the rest of the disc just didn't do anything for me. Too much of it struck me as loudness for its own sake, without enough melody or depth to make it interesting.

You only need one or two good songs to get noticed, though, so I could see The Whigs generating some buzz. But they're the kind of band where I'd recommend downloading a couple of specific songs over purchasing the whole album.

Overall grade: C+

reviewed by Scott

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