More Than Fire - Philip José Farmer (1993)

More Than Fire is, so the cover tells us, the final book of the World of Tiers series (previously reviewed here.)

I suggest reading that review quickly, then coming back. I'll wait.

More Than Fire fits tidily into the series and all the previous comments still hold true. In contrast to the other books in the series, this one takes as its main character Kickaha, a human adventurer from Earth. The Lords are still present but almost entirely as antagonists, as opposed to the first few novels, where a "good" Lord was the central figure. This provides Farmer with a few more opportunities to talk about the issues of racism and prejudice and the like than the previous books. He manages to work them in without seeming like digressions and without seeming heavy handed, no mean feat.

The writing is good, as it always is. If it doesn't reach the heights of some of his other works, it is well fitted to the story, which is also important. If you liked the other World of Tiers books, you will find this book worthy of a place next to them on the shelf. If you've never read any of the series, I would strongly suggest finding a copy of The Maker of Universes itself rather than starting with this one.

Overall Grade: B

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