We Started Nothing by The Ting Tings

Like many people, I first heard the Ting Tings on an iPod ad. Sadly, that quick format suits the band better: We Started Nothing has some interesting sounds that few songs can sustain, let alone the whole album.

We Started Nothing relies on the combination of singer Katie White and lots of synthesizers. Alas, neither deliver much: White doesn't so much sing as she speaks with attitude, while the music quickly becomes generic, with even a few funky bass lines getting overwhelmed by the synthesizers.

The Ting Tings certainly get around: In addition to the aforementioned iPod commercial, their music has shown up everywhere from movie trailers to the Victoria's Secret 2007 Fashion Show to the soundtrack to the movie He's Just Not That Into You. It's a shame there's little memorable on We Started Nothing.

Overall grade: D

Reviewed by James Lynch

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