The Gaslight Anthem, THE '59 SOUND

The Gaslight Anthem bring a garage band sound to life with their album The '59 Sound. Filled with nonstop drumming and songs about lost women, this album may be a modern classic rock album.

The '59 Sound starts strong with "Great Expectations" and seldom slows down. Most of the songs are about women, whether lies to ex-girlfriends ("Here's Looking At You, Kid") or a former beauty ("you're getting drinks for the same boys who once bought you everything"). Led by singer Brian Fallon's vocals, these songs are reminiscent of Springsteen. The rest of the band supplies plenty of great music here.

If I have one complaint with this album, it's a lack of variety in much of the music. The Gaslight Anthem have a great sound, reminiscent of the Old 97's and the Replacements, but they rarely deviate from their sound, which can make the songs feel very similar by the album's end. That said, The '59 Sound is a really good rock album that kicks ass and gets the blood pounding.

Overall grade: B+
Reviewed by James Lynch

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