White Rabbits, It's Frightening (tbd Records, 2009)

Although originally from Missouri, White Rabbits have been working out of Brooklyn for several years now.  This spring, the sextet consisting of Stephen Patterson on vocals and piano, Alexander Even and Gregory Roberts on guitar and vocals, Adam Russell (since replaced by Betancourt) on bass, and Matt Clark and Jamie Levinson on drums and percussion released their second album, called It's Frightening.

While the two-guitar, bass, drum, and keyboard format might seem conventional at first glance, White Rabbits' sound is defined by a couple of distinctive elements like Patterson's slurring vocals and anarchic piano and especially Clark and Levinson's dueling drums.  Indeed, It's Frightening is one of the few albums featuring multiple drummers where you can really hear the difference that the extra percussion makes.  And nowhere is this more effective than on the groundbreaking opening song and single, "Percussion Gun." The drummers' relentless assault and battery gives this song a unique character while remaining pure, essential rock and roll. The rest of the album isn't quite on the same high level, but there are still a few strong tracks, including "Rudie Falls," "Lionesse," and "The Salesman (Tramp Life)". 

It's Frightening is a solid work overall, with some pretty good songs, a couple of really good songs, and one great one.  White Rabbits have the potential to break out in a really big way in the not-too-distant future.

Overall grade: A-

reviewed by Scott

"Percussion Gun." An instant classic.

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