Top Shot, Season 1

What do you get when you combine the TV show "Survivor" with a pile of all kinds of firearms? The History Channel's "Top Shot," which debuted last night. The host is Colby, who was a Survivor finalist, and from Texas as I recall, which probably qualifies him on the subject of guns. Add in 16 contestants, a veritable hit parade of Marine snipers, other ex-military types, law enforcement, and competitive shooters, and the stage is set for some serious shooting.

Unfortunately, the show had a little too much trash talkin', and not nearly enough shooting. The contestants were divided up into two teams, and it essentially came down to one shot for each of them. Then there was the equivalent of a tribal council, and they voted the two weakest shooters to engage in a shootout, with the loser out of the game. Yes, they did follow the Survivor formula just a little too closely.

I was hoping to see a little more about the variety of guns used. After all, this is the History Channel after all, and the weapons were just mentioned in passing, without more than a cursory detail. While I was a little disappointed with the debut, I'll probably check out another episode or two and see how this one goes. see it on History on Sunday night at 10 pm.

Reviewed by Jonas
Overall Grade: B-

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James Lynch said...

Too bad they opted for more created drama, trash-talking (a staple of reality shows these days), and odd voting instead of the actual shooting.