Jones Beach Air Show 2012

For this year's Jones Beach Airshow, I headed to Republic Airport.  This is where the planes stage from.  The crowd on onlookers at the fence seemed considerably larger compared to previous years.  I was literally up close to the planes as they took off.  Unfortunately the autofocus of the camera wanted to focus on the fence, and not on the planes.  Most of these shots were taken with the camera held above my head without seeing anything.  The 7th image in the series is my favorite, and was purely luck.

As the Blue Angels took off for their performance, three strong in the first wave, I could literally feel the rumble go right through me like a shock wave, and then a cloud of jet fuel exhaust blew onto us- an experience I will not soon forget.  Truth be told, the images don't capture the power of  their takeoff.


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