The dice game Zombie Dice is a simple, fun game where the players are zombies, rolling special dice to try to eat brains (and win), see a target flee (not good), or get blasted with a shotgun (bad). So what more could you want? How about two dice representing Hollywood heroes? And one that's Santa Claus? Zombie Dice 2: Double Feature adds three new dice -- and three new ways of playing with them -- to the pursuit of brrrrrrainsssssss...

As one might expect, the Hollywood dice are tougher, while Santa provides gift. The Hunk (black die with white images) has the following sides: 2 feet (to run away), 2 shotguns, 1 double shotgun (which equals two blasts), and 1 double brain (double points). The Hottie (black die with pink images) has these sides: 3 feet, 2 shotguns, and 1 brain. What's worse (for you, not for your intended meals), they can rescue each other: If you scored brains from the Hunk or the Hottie and the other die rolls shotguns, the die that had scored gets put back in the cup. So not only are these two harder to kill, but they're harder to keep.

As for Saint Nick, he's surprisingly generous to the zombies out to kill him. His die sides are: 1 brain, 1 shotgun, 1 feet, 1 double brain -- and two sides with gifts. If you roll the Energy Drink, you're fast -- and any green feet that are rolled for the rest of your turn are turned into brains. And if you roll the Helmet, you're tough and require four shotgun blasts to kill this turn.

These special dice replace certain regular Zombie Dice dice depending on the scenario: Big Summer Action Movie has the Hunk and Hottie; Santa Claus Meets the Zombies has Santa; and The Direct-to-Video Sequel has all three new dice (and they can all rescue each other). Much like the core game, Zombie Dice 2 is simple, oddly twisted, and fun to play. Adding only one-to-three dice means they won't come up every round but will almost certainly appear a few times during a game. They provide bigger rewards, but the Hollywood heroes also pose greater threats. And the new dice (and rules for them) fit nicely in the original Zombie Dice cup.

Zombie Dice 2: Double Feature is a fun, easy-to-learn addition to a fun, easy-to-learn game.

Overall grade: B
Reviewed by James Lynch

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