An Interview with Marc De Santis, Author of Blood Like Wine

I wanted to take this opportunity to get an exclusive interview with Marc De Santis, author of the novel, Blood Like Wine. Now with epublishing, authors can get their work published for much less cost, and sell via the Amazon store. I have read the first few chapters of the novel, and it is excellent. We look forward to more creations from this author.

Tell me about yourself:

I have had an interest in fantasy worlds for a long time.  That partly explains my interest in ancient and medieval history.  I have an M.A. from NYU in European history.  It is embodied in the world that I created, which is a rough, fantasy approximation of Europe in the time of the Roman Empire.  

Why did you write Blood Like Wine?  

I have wanted to write a novel for a long time.  A very long time.  Ever since I read The Lord of the Rings when I was ten I have wanted to make my own version.  Some have been just mental creations.  Others have found their way into my short stories.  World-building is fun! The East, which is what I call the world of Blood Like Wine, is a civilized place beset by barbarism.  The Danthesians, my analogue of the Romans, are the dominant power in the world, but they will discover that their position at the top is not so secure as they thought.  Their army is strong, but their political class is largely venal and ineffective.

What is Blood Like Wine about?  

Numerian is a captain of the Danthesian army, and a great soldier.  He is also in love with Acronea, the daughter of Danthesia’s foremost general and politician, Marshal Troponus.  They are betrothed, but Numerian can’t marry her without her father’s permission.  When Troponus starts a war with a kingdom of the undead, Numerian dutifully follows his commander, knowing that he can wed Acronea in no other way, despite his severe doubts about the wisdom of the invasion.  The tragedy that ensues is caused in large part because of this ill-considered war.  Numerian, Acronea, and everyone around Marshal Troponus will suffer because of this.    

Who are your favorite authors?

My favorite authors are J.R.R. Tolkien, Michael Moorcock, Frank Herbert, and C.S. Friedman.  They are all great world-builders and truly original in their writing.  Of the four, it is likely that readers have heard of all of them except perhaps for C.S. Friedman, who deserves to be better known.  Her In Conquest Born is one of the best science fiction novels that I have ever read.  

It says the first novel in the series.  How many are planned?

Blood Like Wine is the first novel in the Marshals of the Dominion trilogy.  Of course it is a trilogy! I will continue on with the adventures of Numerian and the other characters and explore how the war has changed them.  

When can the sequel be expected?  

I hope to have it ready within a few months.  It is under way right now. These things take time.  I put a great deal of thought into the plot, characters, and structure of Blood Like Wine. It is not a haphazard creation, as I hope everyone who reads it will appreciate.  The pieces all fit together, and even though I have left the possibility of a sequel open, it is a novel that stands completely on its own.  

Where can Blood Like Wine be purchased?  

Blood Like Wine can be found in the Amazon Kindle Store and at Smashwords for the Nook, iPad, and other devices for $0.99.


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