Jenny McCarthy in PLAYBOY (again)

Thomas Wolfe wrote that you can't go home again, but sometimes you can go back to Playboy. Jenny McCarthy first appeared in the men's magazine in October 1993, and she makes her latest appearance 19 years later, in the current July/August issue of Playboy.

While the article described McCarthy as "one of the most beloved, famous, and atypical women alive" it doesn't have a lot of discussion with her. The article praises her (and her three previous pictorials), mentions her crusade against childhood vaccines (after her son Evan was diagnosed with autism at 2), and lists her upcoming projects (which include hosting three television shows and finishing her latest book).

But for those who don't read Playboy for the articles (and those people do exist), McCarthy also struts her stuff for a photo shoot that proves that she's as stunning now as she was 19 years ago. 'Nuff said.

Written by James Lynch

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