The game Smash Up relies on different factions from fiction and fantasy, battling to control bases.  With two expansions -- Awesome Level 9000 and The Obligatory Cthulhu Set -- I was concerned that Alderac Entertainment Games might start putting out weaker groups for the sake of more expansions.  Fortunately, Science Fiction Double Feature continues the fun and the high standard that makes Smash Up so much fun.

Science Fiction Double Feature provides players with four new factions (and bases based on each faction).  Time Travelers are a bunch of buddies from 1974 (hence the matching track suits) who can redo events.  Cyborg Apes have lots of Actions that modify them to make themselves tougher or more protected.  Super Spies plan ahead by looking at and reorganizing the cards they'll draw.  And Changelings are pinking humanoids that copy the strength and abilities of the other factions in the game.

These new factions strike the balance between being very useful in different ways, and not being so overpowering they make previous factions obsolete.  There's also a good sense of humor throughout the expansion: Several Time Traveler cards reference "The Time Warp" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, many Super Spies actions parody James Bond movie titles, and one Cyborg Ape has the same name as the leader of the Jammers, the cybernetic apes from the ccg Shadowfist.

Science Fiction Double Feature does what it should: Give Smash Up players more options and more fun without making the previous options weaker.  It's astounding!  (Sorry, couldn't help myself.)

Overall grade: B+
Reviewed by James Lynch

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