Cheaper By the Dozen 2

Steve Martin stars in Cheaper By the Dozen 2. Martin is the father of no less than a dozen kids. He sees his children, including Hillary Duff who is planning on moving to NYC, growing up before his very eyes. Martin and his wife wax nostalgic about their summer rental on a Wisconsin lake, and decide to do it "one last time." When Martin and his family arrive, an old rivalry is rekindled against the Murtagh family. After an interval of congenialty, tensions come to a pinnacle during the Labor Day competition. On top of this, Martin has to work extra hard to field his team that is rapidly outgrowing the event.

Cheaper By the Dozen 2
has the feel of a cliche summer camp movie. It has all been done before, and Martin is only marginally humorous. If looking for some mindless entertainment, this might fit the bill. For the rest of us, this is about as shallow as the shore of the lake and should move on to something better.

Overall Grade: C+

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